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Tournament Rules

Rules of Procedure of the Bulgarian Sports Dance Federation

Excerpt from the Bulgarian Dance Sport Federation (BDSF) Regulations:

The Federation's regulations govern the activities and events management under its auspices in the Republic of Bulgaria.

There are two categories in the dance sport, i.e. Standard and Latin. They consist of five dances each: International Waltz, International Tango, International Viennese Waltz, International Slow Foxtrot, and International Quickstep in the Standard category; International Samba, International Cha Cha, International Rumba, International Paso Doble, and International Jive in the Latin category.

A competing dance couple consists of a male partner and a female partner.

Non-professional competitors are dancers who practise systematically and in a consistent manner to prepare and take part in dance competitions, but this activity does not constitute their main profession.

Professional dancesport athletes are persons for whom dancesport is their profession.

Dancesport formation teams consist of 6 to 8 couples who perform together and present competition performances in compliance with predefined rules in Standard and/or Latin dancing.

The complete set of competition Regulations of the BDSF: tournament rules