International OPEN ROUSSE 2018
International Open Rousse 2019


OZK Arena Rousse
3 Lipnik Blvd.


Level of the tournament: world open latina, international open standart

Organizers: Rousse Municipality, Municipal Youth Center, Bulgarian Dance Sport Federation,
DSC "Nastroenie" Rousse –

The date of event: the 23th-24th of November 2019

Rules: Youth dance couples can participate in the tournament as adults.

Coordinates for online registration:

Dress: International Rules

Fee for the participation in tournament:

Juveniles,Juniors &Basic groups - € 30 for one discipline; € 40 for two.

Youth & Adults - € 40 for one discipline; € 50 for two.

For Bulgarion competition - 25 BGN for E,D,C; for B and A - 20 BGN for one discipline,30 BGN for two.


For all finalists - cups, medals and souvenir prizes.

International Open Rousse 2019 La finalists: 1st - € 600, 2nd - € 500, 3rd - € 400, 4th - € 200,
5th - € 150, 6th - € 150.

International Open Rousse 2019 Sta finalists - money prizes.

The tournament organizers provide accommodation with breakfast in a three star hotel from the 22th to the 24th of November inclusive for 10 dance pairs of top 50 world ranking list.

NOTE: Accommodation will be provided to the first 10 pairs of top 50 to make a reservation request to:

Recommends for your trip: Flight to Bucharest. We are ready to ensure FREE transport from Bucharest airport to Rousse and back, because our city is only 60 km far away from Bucharest airport.

About the organization: If you fly to Bucharest, we ask for information about the date, time of arrival and departure,destination and the number of your flight.

All who wish to use the supplied free transfer from/to Airport Otopeni - Bucharest to Rousse within November 01 have to send information about the date and time of their arrival and departure and the number of your flight, at the following e-mail address:
Those who do not, will not be able to rely on a free transfer.
After November 05 on the website of the tournament will be announced the schedule and point of departure of the shuttles from Otopeni Airport in Bucharest and from Rousse to Bucharest, which will be tailored to your preorders made on time.


Information about accommodation will receive later on:

If you have any questions, please contact:
Vladimir Despotov /Tournament Director/- gsm: +359 894 650 799; /speaks excellent English and Russian/
Ivan Despotov /chief organizer/- gsm: +359 887 749 580, 359 896 980 575; /speaks excellent Russian and some English/

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